Resistance is Futile

Ok, I have been putting off having to do this blog thing for a while… a long while. Until now I’ve resisted the urging by the powers that be to blog, facebook and tweet. I figured that I’ve been busy enough designing the invitations, photographing everything, putting it on the website, handling orders, juggling clients. I mean blog… do I really have to? Ok, I guess the powers that be win this one.

So, this is where I will be posting everything that is new with the world of Carciofi Design. I promise to post at least once a week and keep you updated with all the latest goings on. Hopefully it will be somewhat interesting and a little fun. See you out there in the big, wide webby world!

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Caroline Britton ~ Owner and Creative Director at Carciofi Design {Paper Boutique & Studio} a custom graphic design studio and boutique.