Its a Big ‘Un!!

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Custom Made Peacock Feather Silk Presentation Folder

The other week I got a call from a lady with a strange request…

Lady: “Hello, I wanted to see how much your invitations were.”
Me: “Sure, which design are you interested in?”
Lady: “Well, I want something custom with Peacock feathers and silk.”
Me: “Sure, we can do that for you. How many do you need?”
Lady: “One big one.”
Me: “Just one? How big? 6 by 9 inches?”
Lady:”No, really big… like 17 by 22 inches ”
Me: “What?!”

And so the project began. Here are the photos to prove it. The biggest invitation we’ve ever done. It turned out quite beautiful actually. Found out it will be presented and displayed with custom calligraphy inside at an equally grand event.

Sometimes we get some offbeat requests, but I’ve always told everyone that we can make anything and make it well!

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