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Matching Custom Guestbooks


custom guestbooks

Vienna Ivory Damask Matching Custom Guestbook

When it comes to matching the rest of your wedding stationery to your invitations, the sky is the limit! Check out our handmade ivory damask custom guestbook made to match our Vienna invitation suite. Carciofi Design can make the guestbook in any size and material and customize the inside pages with your name and wedding date. We can also change the layout to allow room to add photos and/or have an area for your guests to leave you a special note. The front cover has a frame with a card with the names of the bride and groom floated on a burnished gold backing layer. The spine is tied with gold gossamer ribbon and finished off with a Swarovski crystal rosette. Truly elegant and luxurious it’s the perfect touch to add to your wedding day and will be a treasured keepsake for years to come. Custom guestbooks by Carciofi Design $85 – $125 depending on size and materials.

Pressing Matters


letterpress 2 color job

The Letterpress Process

Yesterday we letterpressed a couple of invitation jobs and since people are always asking us what’s the difference between letterpress and flat printing, we thought it would be cool to give a little snapshot of what the letterpress process looks like.

  1. A polymer plate is made with client artwork and affixed to the press bed while gold ink is applied to the rollers.
  2. Each piece of paper is hand fed onto the top of the roller and held in place. The roller is then hand cranked so that the paper is “pressed” onto the top of the polymer plate. The ink is transferred to the paper. The pressure of the roller on the raised type of the plate creates the pillow embossed distinctive letterpress look.
  3. Here’s the tricky part. For a two color job the rollers are cleaned of all gold ink after the first run of impressions are made. Chocolate brown ink is now applied to the rollers for the second color run while a new plate is affixed to the press bed. Now everything has to be positioned perfectly so that the artwork and type from the first and second plate line up perfectly. This can take quite a bit of fine tuning to get it just right!
  4. After a hard day’s work the beautiful invitations are all pressed, cut and ready to be mounted and embellished!
  5. The Beast! The Vandercook SP 15 from 1950!

Carciofi Design produces all letterpress jobs at De Milo Letterpress Studio in South Pasadena using soy based ink on 100% cotton machine made papers, natural handmade papers, post consumer recycled papers and fair trade artisan papers.

Coordinating Your Wedding Theme

Butterfly themed matching menus, placecards, table numbers by Carciofi Design

I often have brides ask me how important it is to coordinate their invitations and reception stationery with their wedding theme and colors. No matter what kind of wedding you are having, your wedding is a reflection of you as a couple. When you send out invitations, you are setting the stage for what your guests should expect. That expectation should be carried through the day of your wedding by the setting and decor. Stationery is a big part of making a more personal impression about your event. Your theme and colors should be consistent and carried through from the invitation to the reception stationery, all the way through to the thank you notes. It’s the perfect way for you to add your special touch and make your wedding day memorable not just for yourselves but for each person you invite to share in one of the most important days in your lives.

Above: Butterfly themed reception stationery in brown, burnt orange and lime green by Carciofi Design for Tamrish Event Design.

Caroline Britton ~ Owner and Creative Director at Carciofi Design {Paper Boutique & Studio} a custom graphic design studio and boutique.